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Video Poker History

The History of Video Poker is longer than it might seem. Poker is available in a similar form as in its present, since the 19th Century and the precursor of video poker also existed. Here you can read, such as video poker began.

Early History of Video Poker

The first machine that looked like a video poker machine, was the one that was invented in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt in Brooklyn, New York. While it obviously was not a video, the machine created random poker hands. The machine had no automatic payout, because of the large number of combinations. It was the duty of the owner of the device, usually a bar, in which was the machine to pay the players. The machine worked similar to a slot machine in which the player moved a lever to put the drums, which created the poker hand in motion.

Video Poker in the 20th Century

In the 70s, computer technology was advanced enough to create real video poker machines and market them. SIRCOMA, the forerunner of the International Game Technology (IGT), created in 1979, a draw poker game that started appearing in casinos. The games were instantly popular and grew on to include several variations of draw poker (with wild cards).

Video Poker Today

As technology improved, so does the video poker machines that are as popular as ever improved. In addition, video poker can be beautifully rendered in online casino games and it developed a considerable following. Many video poker machines bring a progressive jackpot today. A jackpot that is fed by many interconnected machines and video poker players often produces a massive prize pool where they try.