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Online Casino Slots can be played at almost all online casinos. Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games and online casinos are offered in many different shapes and sizes. Slot machines have been around since about 1800. The first slot machine had five drums and gave different poker hands. The payment system was not part of the machine and the owners had to monitor and manually pay the winners.

In the late 19th century, Charles Fey invented a slot machine with only three reels with five symbols on every reel and the first mechanical slot machine with a payment system was invented. One of the five symbols on the machine was a Liberty Bell and the slot machine was named after this symbol.

The Liberty Bell weighed 100 pounds because it is made from molded ices. He was several decades trapped in Fey's basement until Bugsy Siegel left turn to entertain the wives and mistresses of gamblers and ensure that they would get to gamble. More free time down at the Flamingo Hotel Casino The rest of the story is history.

Since that time slots redesigned and there are many different types invented. The end of 1970 there was again a huge revolution in the slots industry by the emergence of microchips and random number generators which later became the Video Slots revolution brought with them and the heavy mechanical slot machines were no longer needed, although many modern slots today always provide a handle for those who prefer the pulling down of a lever instead of the pressing of a button.

The online casino revolution by the end of 1990, brought slot games to every house and since there are constantly new slots designed with themes such as sports, TV shows, traditional bar and fruit motifs. Online casino slot machines are available in 3-roll, five-roll, video poker, slots, multi-lined, and there are also progressive slot games and tournaments. It is no longer merely an entertaining game for the wives of serious gamblers, but is now an exciting game played by men and women, young and old, and online and offline continues to cause excitement.