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As we know the game of poker is one of the oldest and also the most popular to be found in the casinos. This game has lots of variants within the projecting of Pai Gow Poker in poker. To learn more about this variant of the game here I talk about it and also some own observations of the game. The game of Pai Gow Poker is currently one of the variants of the game that has a great reputation in the casinos. This variant has the following characteristics:

You must know that with Pai Gow Poker in poker participants each game features a double hand. Thus it can be said that this is the element that most characterizes this game and is also the most differentiates common poker game. Besides this you should know that in this variant the player competes against the hand of the other players but against the letters that comprise the respective dealer.

Similarly, and to learn more about the Pai Gow Poker at Poker is essential to know elements of his game. For example, you must know that to start the game before betting should be performed. After that the dealer deals 7 cards to each player. These game cards are divided in two hands-one gives 5 Letters and the other gives the 2 missing. While the cards to the players house represented by the croupier also receives his spread.

In this kind of game you can find several observations. Some of these are: For example the initial 5 cards are called high hand and in the case of the final 2 cards these are referred to as low hand. Other data of this game, which is very important is that in the high hand must have a higher than the low value. In the event that this does not happen the player must leave the game.

In this way, you should know that with this variant as well as the common poker players what they want is to defeat the casino dealer or home. Besides this you should know that this version of the game uses a deck with 53 cards will be added as a wildcard to the common deck. With that said the Joker can be used as an ace in case you want to make a common staircase, also a color or a full addition.