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Craps is a classic casino game and is offered in all casinos, and in most online casinos. Craps is played with dice. Players bet against each other (street craps) or against the bank (casino craps). The game originated from an English game called Hazard, but the exact origin or date of creation is unknown. Some say it dates from the time of the Crusaders and is influenced by the French, who called Crapaud, from the French word for path later. In the earlier version of the game there was a little problem.

Players could exploit the casino using a loaded dice and use to play based on what other players gambled. This was later corrected with the invention of the "do not pass" line and now this is the popular version today is played., In most casinos. When playing bank craps there are one or more players play against the casino. In turn, they toss the dice, the player who throws is called "shooter", the other players bet on different places on the table. The bets are paid according to the outcome of the shooter's roll.

The shooter must be at least the table minimum bet before he throws the dice to "pass" line or "do not pass" line. The role of the shooter moves clockwise from one player to the other. A player may turn to throw skip it and continue to use. In each round, there are two parts: "true" and "point". Or the round advance to the second part is determined by the shooter's roll in the first part. There are many different types of bets. We will consider all this and provide you with good craps strategies and playing tips to ensure that you play as well as possible the best craps game.

The following bets you should avoid playing online craps! Like every online casino game, so too has the dice game its good and its bad bets. Good bets at the craps games are characterized by a small advantage for the bank. Who ever could have a look at a craps table, where it is clear that the betting options for online play cube inexhaustible and are sometimes difficult to keep apart. In this section, therefore once to a particular form of betting dice games are explained: the bets with the worst odds, which should be better avoided in the dice games. Online dice game called craps or is an exceedingly exciting game that attracts players immediately under his spell with dice and who adheres to some basic rules for online games, which are good payouts guaranteed.