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Some obvious differences separate the gambling online gambling live in a conventional casino. Online, there is little or no interaction between the player and the dealer. In fact, there is no dealer - all games are run and managed by computer programs. People who have already participated in these two kinds of gambling say that online gambling is generally faster than the game 'in person' in a conventional casino, especially because no conversation between the players slows down.

Online casinos can offer dozens of different games. A site has slot machines based on those famous cartoons, while others will have digitized more traditional casino games versions. Most games are embellished with sophisticated graphics and sound effects, like the traditional slot machines. Click of a mouse, players can see the rules of each game and see a summary of payouts.

A quick scan of a good casino site reveals over 60 games, including blackjack, baccarat, craps, different versions of roulette, at least two dozen slot machines, keno, and several video poker games. The particular rules of each game are similar to those of their counterparts 'real'. In video poker or blackjack, the decisions taken by the players on the cards can influence the outcome of the game .

There are also sites that offer sports  online, which is another form of gambling. These sites allow players to place  on all kinds of sports competitions, as well as other events such as political elections or the tele-reality outcome. The sites offer their own coasts, which are sometimes better than those offered by the lower a site  online. Many online casinos traditional bookmakers Las Vegas (thanks to management fee offer a version instantaneous' their games, which usually runs on a web browser using Java. Players can also download the casino software and play games on different applications. Some sites only offer the option to download to play.

Players can try games for free with a game account credited with several thousand euros. Obviously, it is not possible to collect real money with these games. Probabilities versions of online games 'to butter' differ from real money versions. Although it is not confirmed, we often obtain huge bank balances by playing 'for fun' in a number of online casinos. If games real money were paying similar amounts, casinos would quickly bankrupt. Therefore, successful games 'for fun' does not in any way that similar success can be achieved by placing real money