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It 'a matter that often happens in some online casino AAMS, and we want to show that to be careful when you play. The premise is the completion of the play through casino for the collection of winnings in the casino AIMS: To LAW before withdrawing your money that you have deposited (taken without bonus), you have to play it at least once. So avoid deposit € 100, play little games such as 20 € and then request the removal of the remains, and it is impossible because there will never be allowed by law, you have to generate a volume of at least € 100 for the game.

So far nothing unusual, now what we want to say is that this fact online casinos AIMS (at least some not all) of us marching to the big. What's going on? What happens is that you begin to play and how many players continue to happen or get out of the game, making several rounds of the game (in fact, each input to the table is registered as a gaming session by AIMS). So you play a bit 'here and a little', maybe some sessions fall because at the moment you stray from your computer. Click here to know about Binary Options and Forex online.

If you are unlucky it may happen that you recorded taking a bonus that you offer but I do not accredit quiet, please contact the casino  you will see that the bonus will be credited. But beware, it often happens that if you're already registered or re-registered you will have no rights to bonuses that are usually welcome.

This can happen several times, but the reason that happens is always the same: you have not completed the play through and then you do not have complied with the wagering requirements. In fact, the damage bonuses that casinos are subject to the terms and conditions that you can, indeed must, be read in the promotions section of the casino. In the terms and conditions you will be told that the bonus to be taken to be played a certain number of times, 18, 20, 30, 50 (depending on the online casino) before picking it up and then you'll have to generate a certain level of play. Play at top Microgaming casinos here

Did you think to get away, take the bonus and withdraw it, unfortunately it is not otherwise there would be no online casinos. An interesting page to bonus casino that lists the best casino play through, then the best playthrough that found in circulation. You have not understood what a playthrough and want more information? Was this page to casino2k is the best for the playthrough.